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Day Camp 2020 – Day 1

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Welcome to the first day of virtual Day Camp!

Finding Laura

First, on “Finding Laura,” Laura finds a popular spot you might all know – but nearly gets eaten by mosquitos getting there (you can see the swarm in the video!).

Don’t forget: At the end of next week, send in your guesses of where Laura was hiding each day for a chance to win a free Day Camp registration for 2021.

Verse of the Day

Second, Pastor Todd shares a bit about the “bad news” (Rom. 3:23, Rom. 6:23) that we all need to know to understand the “good news.” We’ll learn more about this “good news” over the next 5 days of camp.

Craft of the Day

Finally, Jeff, a leader in our canoeing craft, shares a bit about canoeing basics and safety. We look forward to having you back in canoeing craft in 2021!