Men in Ministry

Men in Ministry


At Maranatha Bible Church, we desire to train and equip all to maturity and service, and some toward leadership. We want to teach, disciple, affirm, and prepare men for ministry in the home and in the church. We want to be involved in the hands-on training of men of God (1 Tim 3:11; 2 Tim 3:17) in the context of local church ministry so that they can be effective equippers (reproducers of reproducers). Under the oversight of the elders, our goal is to determine what each man’s unique contribution will be to the church. Ultimately, local churches are responsible for training up elders/shepherds/pastors in the context of ministry (2 Tim 2:2). While seminaries have often played a great role in the training of men in the last few centuries, local churches still have the primary responsibility to train men for ministry.

This process of training cannot be limited to nor confined to a formal program. Rather, the key is for those who are in the ministry to identify and mentor faithful, available, and teachable men to develop in character, knowledge, and ministry skills. Mentoring is the affecting of life change through relationships based on truth (1 Thess 2:7-8). Some aspire to serve around the world or as shepherds of the church, while others are interested in preparation for eldership or leading their families well.


“All to Maturity

                    … Some toward Leadership”


  1. Identify and equip men of God (2 Tim 3:17; Eph 4:11-12).
  2. Identify, train, entrust the work of teaching to faithful men (2 Tim 2:2).
  3. Identify, admonish, and teach men of God in order to complete them in Christ (Col 1:28).
  4. Identify and test potential leaders in the church (1 Tim 3:8-10)

We trust we will see these goals accomplished through development in:

  1. Godly Character (What a man is to be)
  2. Biblical Knowledge (What a man is to know)
  3. Ministry Skills (What a man is to do)


These men are meeting twice a month with some of our elders on Saturday mornings at 7:30am. Please see Pastor Todd Dykstra if you are interested. Our desire is to get men together who have a desire to talk about ministry-related issues, to grow in our understanding of ministry and to sharpen one another as we minister to others.

Boys Camp:

Each Memorial Day Weekend we host an on-site night of camping with our sons. This is an informal time to connect with our sons and teach them skills in trashketball, climbing, swimming, setting up a tent, bb guns, and contentment with whatever we eat! A few of the guys will share their testimony at meals and encourage all of the boys to be maturing into men that display biblical virtues and Christlikeness. Plan on 3pm Sunday to 1pm Monday.