Real Life

Real Life

Real Life is our co-ed high school small group that meets on Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30. The focus of this group is to help the youth examine life issues in light of Scripture. Our end goal is that each youth would be able to evaluate the variety of issues that they face in light of what God says in His Word.

Our focus for the first two months was equipping the youth to be able to share their faith with others. We used the material from “The Way of the Master.” You can read all about their approach and see their materials by going to the following website.

The Way of the Master

During November and December we looked at what the Bible said about issues related to a Biblical Worldview, like abortion, homosexuality, politics, and other issues.

Now we are focusing on how to study the Bible by doing some Bible study together. We are making observations, asking questions, and then proceeding to application after we have a clear understanding of the passage. We will discuss various issues like relationships with parents and friends, dating, and other topics through our study of various passages.