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Past Classes

Truth For Troubling Times 2021 / 2022

The Person and work of Christ and the Holy Spirit

A survey of the Pauline epistles

Book of Revelation

Exposition of Genesis 1-11

Women's Training: Purpose and Practice of Biblical Counseling

BLM & Social Justice Evaluation

Correcting Frequently Misinterpreted Passages

Building A Theology of Work: The Christian in the Work Place

Biblical Counseling I

Biblical Counseling II

The Will of God

Men's Training: Ecclesiology

Heaven and Hell

The Book of Daniel

Class 1 – Introduction and Apocalyptic Literature

Class 2 – Chapter 1

Class 3 – Chapter 2

Class 4 – Chapter 3

Class 5 – Chapter 4

Class 6 – Chapter 5

Class 7 – Chapter 6

Class 8 – Chapter 7

Class 9 – Chapter 8

Class 10 – Chapter 9

Class 11 – Chapter 10

Class 12 – Chapter 11

Class 13 – Chapter 12

Hot Button Topics Facing the Church

Church History I

Church History II

Church History III

Church History IV


Presuppositional Apologetics

Principles of Bible Interpretation

Secret Sins

Old Testament Historical Books

2022 Women's Retreat - Growing in Grace

The Covenants, the Kingdom of God, and the Unity of Scripture

The Doctrine of Angels and Demons

The Doctrine of Christ

The Doctrine of End Times

The Doctrine of God

The Doctrine of Man

The Doctrine of Salvation

The Doctrine of Sin

The Doctrine of the Bible

The Doctrine of the Church

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Theology for the Rest of Us