We exist to display God's glory, declare God's truth, delight in God's Son, and disciple God's people



Kyle, Maiah, Rainer, Vodie, & Zemek Baker – Kenya East Africa

Bryan, Kerra, Uriah, Sadie & Penelope Twombly – Papa New Guinea

Miska & Alison Wilhelmsson & Family – Finland

Daniel, Kristina, & Isaiah Herceg – Croatia

Gianluca & Sonia Pollutri – Florence, Italy

Matthew and Natasha Smith – Kladno, Czech Republic

Jeff & Tonda Street, FMF & JET, Quebec, Canada

Streets 8.15

Tim & Michele George, SIM, Mozambique

Tim and Michele George


The Expositors Seminary

The primary goal of training at The Expositors Seminary (TES) is to teach, disciple, affirm, and boldly commission men of God whom He has called to shepherd His flock. This is accomplished by a combination of formal instruction in the classroom with a comprehensive mentorship program, which incorporates increasing levels of student involvement in the hands-on learning of practical ministry skills in the context of a local church. Maranatha Bible Church is one of several church campuses comprising TES, commissioning faithful men to ministry here and around the world.

Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya, Shelby, MI

camp 2

Our mission is to provide Christ-Centered Camping that will enrich the lives of men, women, boys and girls mentally, physically and spiritually. This is accomplished by providing year round retreats and summer resident youth and family camps. “Ao-Wa-Kiya”  means “Banded Together for a Purpose”. The camp organization is made up of churches in and around West Michigan. They have come together to see their students know Jesus Christ in a very real way. The members of supporting camp churches are given the opportunity to use their talents and gifts from God as they come together to minister in our all-volunteer, Christian youth camp. Thousands of volunteers have “banded together” for over 55 years and worked alongside others to give campers a Christ-centered camping experience.

Mike & Lori Deen, Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya, Shelby, MI

Mike and Lori

The Deens have served in various roles at Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya, but are currently serving as Director and Food Service Manager. They have two sons in college and are dedicated to serving the church through emphasizing the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible, in a Christ-centered camping environment.