We exist to display God's glory, declare God's truth, delight in God's Son, and disciple God's people

This 9 month study focuses on different theological topics throughout the year.

We are currently studying the Doctrine of Salvation, looking both at what the Bible defines it as and also what some of the faulty views are in the modern Evangelical church.

Last year we went through a study of Genesis 1-11.

We also did a special series called Truth For Troubling Times where we focused on tough topics facing the church and believers.

This Theology class time is very interactive, questions and participation from those in attendance is expected. This is a time set aside for our church (and their friends) to be able to ask the hard questions which pertain to living the Christian life in the midst of a hostile culture. The topics which are discussed certainly are richer in content, but the hope is that each person will walk away with a fuller understanding and a deeper love for Christ and His church.

If you are interested in either past class resources, or our current class resources, click on the corresponding link.

Join us Wednesday nights at 7pm as we discuss Scripture and how to live a life to the glory of God!