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The Expositors Seminary

According to 2 Timothy 2:2, it is incumbent upon pastors and churches to prioritize the training of the next generation of men who will carry the baton of shepherding the flock of God.  This training is best accomplished when robust theological education is fused with intentional personal mentoring in the life of the local church.  Because these twin priorities are woven into the fabric of TES, we are excited to partner with this seminary to equip men for ministry.” – Todd Dykstra, Campus Pastor

Benefits of the Expositors Seminary

  • A commitment to a high view/infallibility of Scripture
  • A conviction of the need for expository preaching
  • An environment which allows students to receive personal mentoring in pastoral care and discipleship
  • Local church campus locations, enabling students to prepare for ministry without the difficulties and costs of relocation
  • Video-linked classes with other TES campuses, giving students exposure to a variety of instructors, professors, and pastors
  • Class schedules that enable students to continue working
  • Affordable tuition rates

Courses of Study Offered

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministries and Expository Preaching

Interested in Further Information?

  • Listen to a sermon by Todd Dykstra, MBC Campus Pastor, on the importance Pastoral Mentoring in the context of the local church
  • Listen to the TES Panel Discussion at MBC
  • Get more info or sign up at www.expositors.org

If you want more information or have questions regarding TES at Maranatha Bible Church, please contact Brittany Hill at tesgr@mbcmi.org.