We exist to display God's glory, declare God's truth, delight in God's Son, and disciple God's people

Equipping Hour Class:

Strengthening the Faith of the Doubting Believer

Week 1: Introduction to the Class

Week 2: What is the root of doubt?

Week 3: What are the ramifications of my doubt?

Week 4: What are some Scriptures related to doubt?

Week 5: Working through some more Scriptures.

Week 6: How Can We Cultivate Assurance of Our Salvation?

Spiritual Gifts

Week 1: Introduction to Spiritual Gifts and their Purpose

Week 2: Temporary and Permanent Gifts

Week 3: Temporary Gifts, Determining Gifts, Using Gifts

Week 4: Contemporary Issues

Biblical Ethics

Week 1: What Biblical Ethics Are

Week 2: Major Ethical Theories

Week 3: Biblical Ethics, Abortion and The Sanctity of Life

Week 4: Biblical Ethics and War

Week 5: Biblical Ethics and AI

Wednesday Night Theology Class:

Week 1: Introduction to the Doctrine of Salvation

Week 2: The Desperate Need of Salvation

Week 3: Foreknowledge

Week 4: Election

Week 5: Reprobation

Week 6: Effectual Calling

Week 7: Regeneration

Week 8: Conversion-Repentance

Week 9: Conversion-Faith

Week 10: Genuine Discipleship

Week 11: Justification

Week 12: Adoption

Week 13: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Week 14: Sanctification

Week 15: Perseverance

Week 16: Glorification

Week 17: Assurance

Week 18: The Catholic Gospel

Week 19: The Social Gospel

Week 20: The Prosperity Gospel

Week 21: The Progressive Gospel

Men’s Training:

Week 1: The Person of Christ I

Week 2: The Person of Christ II

Week 3: The Person of Christ III

Week 4: The Person of Christ IV

Week 5: The Person of Christ V

Week 6: The Work of Christ I