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Current Class Resources

You can find the class notes and other resources related to the classes currently taking place. If you are looking for notes on a past class, click here.

Wednesday Night Theology Class is currently working through Genesis 1-11.  We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.  

Exposition of Genesis 1-11 Course Schedule

Week 1 – Why Genesis Is So Important

Week 2 – Is Genesis Fable or Fact

Week 3 – Theories of Origins and Biblical Creationism

Week 4 – The False Religion and Disastrous Effects of Darwinism

Week 5 – Creation Days 1 and 2

Week 6 – Creation Days 3 and 4

Week 7 – Creation Days 5 and 6

Week 8 – Creation Days 6 and 7

Sunday Adult Equipping Hour: Systematic Theology, Theology Proper

Week 1: What is Theology and How do we Know God

Week 2: Transcendence and Immanence

Week 3: God’s Perfections Part I

Week 4: God’s Perfections Part II

Week 5: God’s Perfections Part III

Week 6: God’s Perfections Part IV

Old Testament History Books

Week 1: Joshua-Judges-Ruth Part 1

Week 2: Joshua-Judges-Ruth Part 2