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Truth for Troubling Times: Preparing the Church for Living in a Hostile World

Join us on Wednesday nights in April and May from 7:00-8:30 as we discuss how we are going to live as believers in the coming world. As a Christian, we are going to be forced to make some hard decisions regarding our jobs, our families, and how we live in a post-Christian, post-truth society. Our hope as elders at Maranatha Bible Church is to equip you not only to survive, but to thrive as a Christian for the glory of God.

This class is going to be structured as a 30-45 minute teaching on the posed question for that week, followed by a time of questions and answers. During the Q&A time, there will be a panel of elders answering questions from the class. For the privacy of those interested in asking personal questions, only the teaching portion will be livestreamed.

Our Awana program will continue through the month of April to provide childcare for grades K-6, with childcare provided for kids younger than that as well. Childcare will continue to be provided during the month of May for all children up to 6th grade.

Schedule for the class:

April 7 – What is Truth?
April 14 – What is a Biblical Worldview?
April 21 – Can We Trust What the Bible Says?
April 28 – Why Do All Lives Matter?
May 5 – Why is the Traditional Family Unit So Important?
May 12 – Can the Church Achieve Social Justice?
May 19 – Do Christians Have a Place in Politics?
May 26 – What Does the Coming Persecution Look Like?

For any questions about this class, email office@mbcmi.org or call