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Answers in Genesis Conference

Do you have kids? Do you want to join me at the Answers in Genesis Conference? I will be taking my boys to the conference with Buddy Davis on January 10 and 11 at Calvary Grace Brethren Church in Alto. If you have elementary or junior high age kids this would be a great conference to go to to help them have a biblical worldview about creation, the book of Genesis, dinosaurs, etc. The conference is free…let me know if you want to join me. Here is the schedule:

Sunday, January 10

6:00 pm Buddy Davis in Concert

7:20 pm The Great Alaska Dinosaur Adventure

Monday, January 11

9:30 am Dinosaur Detective

7:00 pm Dinosaurs – Separating Fact from Fiction

8:20 pm It’s Designed to do What it Does

Let me know if you want to join me!