Day Camp Crafts

Day Camp Crafts

Day Camp woods

Archery: (4th grade and up)

3-D Archery: (7th and 8th grade) Learning to hunt with realistic targets in the woods.

Archaeology: (6th grade and up) Introduction to basic field methods. We will be excavating areas at camp. Come prepared to dig in the dirt.

BB Guns (Air Riflery): Lessons in safety, equipment, and the techniques of using a BB gun.

Beadie Buddies: Crafts with beads.

Canoeing: (5th grade and up. Limit 14 per hour, off-site and requires permission on registration)

Ceramics: Painting ceramic pieces.

Cheerleading: (Limit 15 per hour)

Cooking: (5th grade and up. Limit 15 per hour) Basics of Cooking.

Advanced Cooking: (7th and 8th grade) Learn Advanced Cooking Skills.

Explorers (formerly Critter Catchers): Fun exploring the nature around our area. Old tennis shoes required.

Drama: (4th grade and up. Limit 10 per hour)

Field Sports: (Grades 2-5) You will get qualified instruction on different field sports. Tennis shoes required.

Fishing: (Limit 13 per hour, off-site and requires permission on registration)

Grilling 101: (6th grade and up) Grill Master Bill will be instructing how to grill a variety of foods.

Handcrafts: (2nd-4th grades. Limit 20 per hour)

Jewelry: (5th grade and up) Making bold fashion jewelry.

Leathercraft: Beginner and Advanced. Tooling, lacing, and crafts such as wallets, belts, purses, etc.

Music Explorations:  (5th grade and up. Limit 10 per hour) Basic instruction in Guitar/Ukulele/Pail Drums/Singing

Outdoor Life: Learn special tricks of the trade for camping and cooking in the woods.

Advanced Outdoor Life: (6th grade and up) Learn knot tying, making furniture out of wood, and cooking over a fire.

Ultimate Survival: (6th grade and up) Outdoor survival skills. Tennis shoes required.

Painting 101: (4th grade and up. Limit 7 per hour) Learn the basics of painting with acrylic paints.

Pinterest Party: (5th grade and up. Limit 15 per hour) Projects inspired by popular pins from an online search engine.

Riflery: (7th and 8th grades) NRA instruction using .22 rifles.

Scrap Booking: (6th grade and up)

Swimming: Basic swim Instruction. A modest one-piece suit is recommended.

Taekwondo: Learn basic self-defense with Taekwondo moves from black belt instructors.

Wood Carving: (6th grade and up) Carving walking stick. Strip bark, carving using a Dremel tool, sand, and stain.

Wood Craft: (6th grade and up. Limit 8 per hour) Introduction to woodshop safety, use of small hand tools to make wooden projects.

*Crafts are first come, first served. You will only be signed up for crafts with paid registration. Register today!