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Day Camp Crafts

Day Camp woods

Crafts are first come, first served. You will only be signed up for crafts with paid registration.

* Indicates off-site crafts that require permission signature on registration.

Archery: (4th grade & up) Instruction in bow & arrow.

3D Archery: (7th and 8th grade) Learning to hunt with realistic targets in our woods. Prior experience in archery is required.

Basketball: Learn the skills of basketball through drills and scrimmaging.

BB Guns (Air Riflery): Lessons in safety, equipment, and the techniques of using a BB gun.

Beadie Buddies: Crafts with beads.

Bottle Rockets: Launching 2-liter pop bottles using water and air pressure.

* Canoeing: (5th grade & up. Limit 14 per hour)

Card Making: Crafting and decorating cards.

Carpentry Craft: (6th grade & up. Limit 8 per hour) Introduction to woodshop safety, use of small hand tools to make wooden projects.

Ceramics: Painting ceramic pieces.

Crochet Critters: (4th grade & up. Limit 12 per hour) Learn how to crochet the very popular critters.

* Canoeing: (5th grade & up. Limit 14 per hour)

Cheerleading: (Limit 15 per hour)

Cooking: (5th grade & up. Limit 15 per hour) Basics of cooking.

Advanced Cooking: (7th & 8th grade) Learn advanced cooking skills.

Explorers: Have fun exploring the nature around our area. Old tennis shoes required – you will get them wet and muddy.

Field Sports: (2nd-5th grades) Qualified instruction on 6 different field sports. Tennis shoes required.

* Fishing: (Limit 13 per hour)

Fitness Fun: Learn different workouts such as mobility, strengthening, Pilates, Zumba, kickboxing, etc.

Grilling: (6th grade & up) Instruction in how to grill using a variety of foods.

Handcrafts: (2nd-4th grades. Limit 12 per hour)

Invisible Power: (4th grade & up. Limit 15 per hour) Having fun doing experiments with the invisible power of electricity. The instructor is a Master Electrician.

Jewelry: (5th grade & up) Making bold fashion jewelry.

Leather Craft: Beginner & intermediate tooling, lacing, and crafts such as coin purses, key chains, and ID tags.

MBT – Mt. Biking: (4th grade & up) Plan, build, and ride new trail segments in teh woods around camp. Shovels provided. *BRING A BIKE.

Outdoor Life: Learn special tricks of the trade for camping and cooking in the woods.

Advanced Outdoor Life: (6th grade & up) Learn knot tying, making furniture out of wood, and cooking over a fire.

Painting: (4th grade & up. Limit 7 per hour) Learn the basics of painting with acrylic paints.

Pinterest Party: (5th grade & up. Limit 15 per hour) Projects inspired by popular pins from an online search engine.

Riflery: (7th & 8th grades) NRA instruction using .22 rifles.

Sewing: (4th grade & up. Limit 10 per hour) Learn the skills of sewing such as threading a needle, hand sewing, and machine sewing.

Scrap Booking: (6th grade & up)

Swimming: Basic swim Instruction. A modest one-piece suit is recommended.

Ultimate Survival: (6th grade & up) Outdoor survival skills. Tennis shoes required.

Wood Carving: (6th grade & up) Carving walking sticks and more using a Dremel tool, sandpaper, and stain.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Day Camp is to give campers a Christ-centered camping experience that will enrich their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually.