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Introduction to Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Selected Scripture

A Survey of the Old Testament to show what Matthew was thinking

Genesis 1:26-28 – God has created humanity in His image in order to exercise dominion
Genesis 3:15-19 – There was a promise in the curse
Genesis 12:-1-3 – Abrahamic covenant; A seed of Eve will bring hope
Genesis 49:8-10 – A King is coming from the line of Judah
Numbers 24:15-17 – He will possess all power & authority
2 Samuel 7:1-9, 12, 14 – Davidic covenant; God promises David a spiritual house
Psalm 2:2-4 – What wicked governments think about God
Isaiah 9:6-7 – His rule will be eternal
Isaiah 11:1-4, 6-9 – His rule will be just, He will reverse the curse
Isaiah 42:1, 4 – He will establish justice perfectly and His justice will prevail throughout the earth
Daniel 2:32-33, 44-45 – His kingdom will crush all worldly kingdoms
Micah 5:2 – He will rule with all power and authority until the days of eternity
Zechariah 9:10 – He will establish a world-wide dominion which is what God created us to do.  
Matthew 1:1