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Maintaining Traditions or Keeping Commandments?

Matthew 15:1-9

Gods’ way is to deal with internal heart change
Isaiah 66:2, 1 Samuel 15;22, Psalm 51:16-17
Man’s way is legalistic external rituals

Under whose authority do we live?
On what will you base your life?
By what standard will you live?

 I.  The Traditions Of Men Exposed – Vs. 1
.        The first formal confrontation over ceremonial purity
.        . .        Exodus 30:17-21, Leviticus 22:4-7
.         They went far beyond Scripture
.         They missed the heart of the issue – Mark 7:1-4
.        .        The Roman Catholic church from 400-1400AD
.        .        Today: Programs, creeds and confessions
II.   The Traditions Of Men Condemned – Vs. 3
.          They have done away with Scripture by their traditions – Exodus 21:17, Ephesians 6:2
.          CORBAN – Mark 7:11 – Sanctioning greed instead of helping parents
.        .        Break the law – Vs. 6
.          We become Pharisaical by making it head knowledge instead of driving you to Christ
.          “You hypocrites” – Vs. 7 – Isaiah 29:13

Where are you at today?  Rituals – without faith working internally – is worthless
If you don’t know Christ, no amount of religious activity will solve your human problem