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The Temptation of Jesus – Part 1

Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted – how could this be?
.       God tempts nobody – James 1:13
.       The devil was the one tempting
.       Jesus passed the test Adam failed
.                                 Adam                                                                                        Jesus
.           Was tempted in a perfect paradise                Was tempted in a desert, in a corrupted, sinful world
.           Adam & Eve had each other for support       Was alone 
.           Failed the first test                                         Had victory over all three
.           Had a full stomach                                         Had fasted for 40 days and had no water
.           Was the first to face satan’s schemes            Satan had 4,000 years to learn temptation
.       Jesus had the power to destroy the works of the devil.
Was it possible for Jesus to sin in His temptation?  2 Corinthians 5:21
If He was unable to sin, then was His temptation real?
.     It was a greater temptation than we ever face.  We give in before we experience it all. 
.     He did not, and so experienced the full temptation.
.          Hebrews 4:15-16

1.  The personal temptation – Vs. 2-4
.       1 John 2:16

All temptation is an invitation to distrust God’s care and provision in our lives