We exist to display God's glory, declare God's truth, delight in God's Son, and disciple God's people

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Evening Theology Class

We are taking this semester to do an in-depth look at Genesis 1-11. We will look at various themes, ideas and church doctrines. A clear and concise understanding of Genesis is needed, not only for a robust understanding of who we are, but more importantly, who God is.

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Join us as we celebrate Reformation Sunday, looking at the life and influence of one of the greatest reformers, Jon Huss. Not only would he not deny the Scripture’s final authority, he gave his life so that we today would have the Bible.

Sunday Morning Adult Equipping Hour

Our Equipping Hour occurs after the main church service and is for those who desire to go deeper in the Word of God or subjects pertaining to the Christian life. We are on a seven year rotation covering a broad range of topics, each series lasting six weeks. We hope you can join us, learn…