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Disciplines of a Godly Man/Womanby R. Kent and Barbara Hughes

The first book I read after I was saved was Disciplines of a Godly Man. It changed my life! It showed me that I needed to put effort into my relationship with the Lord and, when I do, my life is blessed richly. Kent Hughes shows that personal discipline is the indispensible key for accomplishing anything in life, but particularly growing in godliness and Christ-likeness. In this very practical book, he addresses such disciplines as purity, marriage, fatherhood, prayer, worship, integrity, tongue, work, leadership, and ministry. In the parallel book for women, Barbara Hughes addresses similar issues such as disciplines of the Gospel, submission, prayer, contentment, mind, church, marriage, good deeds, and giving. Pick up and read these books and I am confident you will be both challenged and encouraged to grow and become more like Christ!