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The Gospel for Real LifeBy Jerry Bridges

Have you ever wondered how the cross of Christ and the Gospel relates to you now that you are a Christian? While it is easy to put the Gospel on the shelf after coming to Christ, it is imperative that we keep it central in our lives since it is the very lifeblood of our relationship with God. All of God’s grace and blessings flow to us from Christ through the cross and for that reason the Gospel is essential for real life. In his easy-to-read, warm style, Jerry Bridges demonstrates how the liberating power of the cross can impact us on a daily basis. Wedding the glorious truths of Calvary with practical insights for everyday living, Bridges explores the unsearchable riches which can be ours when we stay near the cross and preach the Gospel to ourselves daily. This book fits perfectly with our topical series on the “Glories of Calvary” over the next few weeks. Take up and read, my friend, and be encouraged!