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If God is GoodBy Randy Alcorn

Atheists frequently deny the existence of God citing the world’s injustice, pain and suffering. They use standards of good and evil – justice – that can only come from God to argue that there is no God. One of the great paradoxes of suffering is that those who haven’t suffered much allow the suffering of others to turn them away from God; while others who suffer a great deal turn to God, not from Him.

Evil, pain and suffering are real. The universe is broken. God has promised to correct it – not for our happiness – but for His eternal glory and our eternal good.

Mr. Alcorn says Jesus is the only answer that is bigger than our questions. God cares deeply about us, but has a purpose and plan for even the bad things we encounter. We define ‘good’ in terms of what brings us health, wealth or happiness; God defines it in terms of what makes us more like Jesus.

Every one of us has something in common with Job. God doesn’t explain why He permits evil and suffering to fall upon us, but Jesus states it will. Occasionally in this life, but certainly one day in His presence, we will marvel at His wisdom in not preventing certain evils that He used, in ways we never imagined, for our ultimate good. Suffering will come whether we allow it to make us Christ-like or not – but if we don’t our suffering is wasted.