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Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love with the Family of GodBy Joshua Harris

Do you have a passion for the church? Not just the universal church but the local church? Are you committed to MBC the way God intends? Unfortunately, many Christians today attend church but don’t possess a passionate commitment to Christ’s body. While they go to church periodically, they are only half-heartedly committed to it and are not truly invested into the life of the bride of Christ. In short, they are dating the church, but are not genuinely dedicated to it. This is not what God wants for His people! He wants us to fall in love with the family of God and has given the church to us as a means of grace to help us become more like Christ and help others do the same. We need the church. We need each other. We need His Word ministered to us through relationships. We need all that the church offers because sanctification is a community project. In this book, Josh Harris challenges us to recommit ourselves to the primary institution through which God intends to work in this age. He also reminds us that only as we immerse ourselves into the body of Christ will we become who God wants us to be. If you find yourself apathetic toward the church or have forgotten how necessary the bride of Christ is to your spiritual well-being, this book is a must-read.