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Decisions, Decisions DVD

decisions decisionsDecisions, Decisions DVD. By Todd Friel

Summary:  In light of Todd Friel’s upcoming visit to MBC this month, we thought it would be good to highlight one of his resources.  His Decisions, Decisions DVD contains a couple of presentations devoted to knowing God’s will for your life.  Countless Christians have been faced with questions about who to marry, where to go to school, what kind of job to pursue, when to retire, and a host of other issues.  For many, these are paralyzing questions which can lead to all kinds of false attempts at “discovering” God’s will.  Others fret about whether they made the wrong decision about something.  So how do we go about discerning God’s will?  In this DVD, Todd clears away the confusion surrounding this issue and provides sound, biblical principles that will help you make a decision and sleep like a baby at night.  He clearly describes the difference between God’s providential will and His revealed will and shows how these aspects of God’s will can be brought to bear upon your life.  He also provides one of the clearest Gospel presentations you will hear.  Check this excellent resource out for yourself!

Review submitted by Pastor Todd Dykstra