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Stop Loving the World

stop loving the worldStop Loving the World. By William Greenhill

We read in 1 John 2:15, “Do not love the world nor the things in the world.” But the world is urging Christians today to love all that it has to offer, to fix our thoughts on the philosophies of men, and to set our Bibles aside. Adoration of stuff, love of gifts more than the Giver, and respect for the opinions of men above the authority of the Word of God are the temptations we face. What is the world? What motivates us to not love it but yet still be sent into it?

In Stop Loving the World, originally a sermon edited into six digestible chapters in 1670, William Greenhill gives us answers to the worldliness that still pervades our culture as much as it did his. Reflecting on 1 John 2:15-17, he addresses what is meant by the world, and what it is to love it, reasons why we should not love the world, how we ought to relate to God’s creation, applications, further motives, and directions for getting our hearts off the world. We are all prone to hold in higher esteem the things of the world than the things of Christ.

This book is not a club over the head but a helpful signpost guiding us the correct way to go. Allow this treasure to push you toward a zealous love for God, diligently guard your heart, and quicken your step to the correct course.


Review submitted by Pastor Kurt Bekins