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When a Nation Forgets God

when a nation forgetsWhen a Nation Forgets God. By Erwin Lutzer

The things that concern Christians today: government finances, laws that go against biblical morality, revision of history by special interests, the attacks against families, authority, and common sense aren’t new.  These same factors lead to the establishment of National Socialism in Nazi Germany leading up to World War II.

Evolutionary thought changed the way laws were proposed, implemented and understood.  Children were indoctrinated to support the state rather than parents and family values. Biblical preaching is deemed ‘hate speech’. Propaganda appeals to the emotions, through a compliant media, to portray causes as ‘right’ and ‘just’ that only a few years ago were outlawed. ‘Diversity’  and tolerance are applied to everyone except Christians.

When do we tolerate the curtailment of our freedoms and at what point should we speak and act?  When we act, what should our actions be? Dr. Lutzer makes the point that we should not be disengaged, but we will not win these battles with politics.  “We must stand our ground giving thanks to God, even as it shifts beneath our feet.  We dare not give to Caesar what which is God’s.

We must exalt the Cross in the gathering darkness and see the conflict as what it is – not a culture war that we must ‘win’ – an opportunity to bear an authentic witness for Christ.


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