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God’s Battle Plan for the Mind

saxton battle planGod’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation. By David W. Saxton

Meditation in our Christian circles has gotten kind of a bad rap. The popular idea of meditation has been misshapen by mysticism, New Age, and Eastern religious notions. There is nothing more beneficial for understanding the truth and growing in sanctification than careful reflection on the words of scripture.
Mr. Saxton goes to the Puritans and draws lessons on their practice of meditation and how it is applicable for us today. He covers such things as defining biblical meditation and unbiblical meditation. He covers the “how to” of meditation and the reasons and benefits of meditation. He tells you how to get started in this habit and how it pertains to Godliness in our lives.
I highly recommend this book for your own spiritual growth in holiness and godliness.
Reviewed by Pastor Dale