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Foundations of Grace

If one were to stand atop a high summit and gaze upon the whole of Christianity, one could view a long line of godly men, traced from Genesis and each book of the Bible, through successive centuries into our current day. These noble men believed and held to the Doctrines of Grace as clearly taught in the Scriptures.

In this book, Steven Lawson, takes on the monumental task of tracing these men from Scripture and the profound doctrines which they held to. From Genesis through Revelation, he discusses the occurrence of each of the doctrines of grace according to the context and authorial intent of each book.

This book is the first installment of a series that continues to track such men throughout history. Within its pages, we see that Calvinism is but a recent nickname given to a theology steadfastly believed by our Christian forefathers. Foundations of Grace portrays the grace God initiated and spoke of in His Word. Read it if you are a recent discoverer of these doctrines, or if you are questioning the validity of Calvinism, read it for understanding or just for the immense and humbling joy of pondering the sovereignty of God in the salvation
of man. Just read it.

Reviewed by Colleen Pope