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Accept One Another: A Plea For Unity In The Gray Areas – Part 6

Romans 15:7-13

1.   To Accept Those Who Are Weak In Faith 
        A.  Because the Lord Accepts Each Believer - vs. 1-3 
        B.  Because The Lord Upholds Every Believer - vs. 4  
        C.  Because the Lord Is Honored By Each Believer - vs. 5-1  
        D.  Because The Lord Will Hold Accountable Each Believer - Vs. 10-12 
2.   Avoid Placing Stumbling Blocks In The Way Of Each Other. 
        A.  Because It Violates The Law Of Love - Vs. 13-15
        B.  Because it misses the heart of God's kingdom - vs. 16-19
                  1 Corinthians Matthew 6:33
        C.  Because it tears down God's work - vs. 20-21
        D.  Because it dismisses personal convictions - vs. 22-23
3.  Put One Another First As Christ Did
        A.  A Bearing With Other's Weaknesses - vs. 1a
        B.  A Promoting Of Other's Good - vs. 1b-2
        C.  A Following After Christ's example - vs. 3-4
        D. A Unifying Around God's Glory - vs. 5-6 
This Week:
4.Receive Each Other As Full Members Of Christ's Body
     A.  As An Act Of Obedience - vs. 7a
     B.  As An Imitation Of Christ - vs. 7b
     C.  As A Demonstration Of Unity - vs. 8-12
     D.  As A Display Of Hope - vs. 13