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Elder Question and Answer

Questions asked today:
1.  Does salvation require repentance or is simply believing Christ is the Savior enough?
2.  A local Catholic church recently refused to serve communion to a active, overt sinner.  Should we go to a closed communion to keep the sanctity of communion?
3.  Explain the reasoning of doing church discipline in front of non-members and non-believers.
4.  Are there steps taken before the public announcement of church discipline?
5.  Creeds in church history – why don’t we recite the creeds occasionally?
6.  Is professional counseling/therapy outside the church necessarily wrong?
7.  What is the process of selecting songs at MBC in order to maintain theological clarity?
8.  What constitutes gossip?  Do you share with your spouse things that you wouldn’t share with others?
9.  What reading plans or prayer suggestions would you recommend for people starting New Year’s resolutions?
10. Beside the Bible, what is the best book you’ve read in 2019.
11. What is the best way to speak with a person who claims to be a Christian but believes in false theology?
12. Are visual depictions of God and Christ a violation of the 2nd commandment?
13. What does the Bible say about Christians who commit suicide?
14. Does being a believer mean rejecting all scientific explanations of creation and humanity?