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Replacing Sinful Fear With Solid Faith

Selected Scripture

  1.  Characteristics of Sinful Fear
    .     A.  It proceeds from unbelief in God’s promise
    .                 Matthew 14:22-31
    .     B.  It attributes more power to the source of your fear than to God
    .                 Matthew 10:24-31
    .     C.  It keeps you from fulfilling your biblical responsibilities
    .                 Matthew 25:14-30
        D.  It is rooted in the loss of idolatrous desires
                    John 12:37, 42-43
  2.  The Cure For Sinful Fear
    .       A.  When we face fearful people we must trust in the Lord
                    Psalm 27:1-3, 11-14; 56:1-11
    .       B.  When we face fearful circumstances we must fear the Lord
    .                  Psalm 91:1-10
    .       C.  When we receive fearful news, we must trust in the Lord
    .                  Psalm 112:1-7