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The Prophecy Of The Virgin Birth

Isaiah 7:1-16
The coming Christ was prophesied in the Old Testament:  Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 9:67, Micah 5:2

1.  The Historic Setting Of The Virgin Birth Prophecy
2.  The Specific Contents Of The Virgin Birth Prophecy
.        Does the Hebrew word 'almah' specifically refer to a virgin?
.     A.  The word almah always refers to a virgin in the Old Testament -
.          Genesis 24:43, Exodus 2:8, Psalm 68:25, Proverbs 30:19
.     B.  The Septuagint translation uses a specific Greek word for virgin
.     C.  The fact that Mary was a virgin in the New Testament
            Matthew 1:22, Luke 1:26-35
3.  The critical reasons for The Virgin Birth Prophecy
.     A.  It provides supernatural evidence of Christ's uniqueness
   B.  It proves the existence of the God-Man
.     C.  It guarantees the sinlessness of Christ.