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The Sermon On The Mount: A Discourse In True Discipleship

Matthew 5-7

The first of 5 discourses
A.  Matthew 5-7: A Discourse In True Discipleship
B.  Matthew 10:  The Commissioning and Sending of the Disciples
C.  Matthew 13:  The Parables of the Kingdom
D.  Matthew 18:  What Life Under the King Looks Like
E.  Matthew 24:  The Olivet Discourse

The Sermon on the Mount
1.  Its Historicity
.       A.  Traditions to communicate spiritual realities
.       B.  Collections of Jesus’ words from various sayings
.       C.  Word for word transcription of Jesus at that occasion – this is our view
2.  Its Structure
.       A.  Introduction – Matthew 5:3-16: The citizens of the Kingdom described
.       B.  Body – Matthew 5:17-7:12: The righteousness of the Kingdom
.       C.  Conclusion – Matthew 7:13-27:  A call for people to listen and respond
3.  Its Interpretation
.       The key theme in this sermon is the Kingdom of Heaven with both a future aspect and present reality
4.  Its Setting
5.  Its Message – Discipleship 101: A new standard of living