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What God’s Grace Teaches Us in Progressive Sanctification

Titus 2:11-14

True Grace is a demanding grace and will inevitably lead to obedience in your life

Grace compels us to love and good works.
Grace constrains us to renounce sin and to pursue righteousness.

The curriculum of Grace
1.  It teaches us to avoid worldly temptations    (vs.  12)
.              Grace does not eliminate our need for holiness; it encourages it
2.  It teaches us to pursue godly virtues
.              Sensible (inward) – yourself
.              Righteous (outward) – other people
.              Godly (upward) – God
3.  It teaches us to anticipate Christ’s return (vs. 13)
4.  It teaches us to practice good works
.              Ephesians 2:10 – God has prepared for you to live in  good works and Grace teaches you how to live in them.