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Absolutely Sureby Steven J. Lawson

Book: Absolutely SureAre you absolutely sure about your salvation? The most dreaded words anyone will hear will be those from the lips of Christ: “I never knew you; Depart from Me” (Matt 7:23). Jesus said that there will be many who stand before Him assuming their entrance to heaven is secure, only to find out they were never truly saved. While you can be uncertain about a number of things will little consequence, going to heaven is not something you can be uncertain about. For that you need to be certain. In this book, Steve Lawson explores the book of 1 John to determine the tests of genuine faith that confirm whether or not you have eternal life. After giving two chapters on the importance of this topic, Dr. Lawson then explains the nine tests contained in 1 John to help you discern whether your faith is genuine or phony. If you have questions about this vital topic or are lacking assurance of your faith, this practical and easy to read book will bring clarity and describe the nature of true saving faith.