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First Christians: Pentacost and the Spread of Christianityby Dr. Paul L. Maier

first-christiansSo who are all those people in the book of Acts? What’s so significant about that place? Why did that statement make those people so mad? If you’ve ever hadd questions like these as you read through the story of the Early Church in Acts, Paul Maier’s book, First Christians, is for you.

The explosion of Christianity across the Mediterranean world was due to its extrordinary ignition in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. Dr. Maier recreates the world, mood, people, and events of the exciting first years of Christianity.

Correlating ancient history and archaeological findings with the New Testament book of Acts, Maier fills in the little known background details of the meteoric rise of the young church throughout the Roman Empire.

In a narrative that follows the account in Acts, and includes many photographs, First Christians gives a vivid account of the festival that drew people of all nationalities to Jerusalem that day and transports the reader to Philippi where Paul was incarcerated. An adventure story like no other, First Christians breaths the spirit of courageous men and women who went about building a churhc in a hostile empire.