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How Could a Loving God…?By Ken Ham

Because of the entrance of sin into the world, this life is filled with times of great sorrow, sadness, and suffering. Trials come in a variety of forms – physical, relational, financial, and spiritual. If you have not already experienced one or more of these expressions of hardship, it will only be a matter of time until you do. And when those times come, we often ask questions like: Why did God allow this to happen? Why didn’t He do something to prevent it? Why didn’t He answer my prayers? Where is God in this ordeal? While the questions are understandable, where do you turn for answers? In his book, How Could a Loving God…?, Ken Ham tackles the difficult topic of God’s purposes in suffering and loss. Drawing from the reliable truth in God’s Word, Ham provides powerful answers for the questions you are asking in the midst of the dark times in life. He shows how your heart can move beyond mere acceptance of the theological truths of God’s sovereignty to fully hoping in God’s eternal purposes for your troubles. Are you suffering? Then let the words of Scripture through this book be a comfort to your soul!