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The Pursuit of Holiness

pursuit holinessThe Pursuit of Holiness. By Jerry Bridges

Some books can be read only once.  Others should be read a number of times to continually glean from them.  Such is the case with Jerry Bridges’ book The Pursuit of Holiness in which he succinctly and biblically explains the Christian’s joint venture with God in becoming holy in practice.  Often we are plagued in our relationship with the Lord by questions like:  How do I overcome sin and live the Christian life?  Is defeating sin something God does in me or do I defeat it by obeying the commands of Scripture?  Is the Christian life an exercise in passive trust or active obedience?  Is it all God’s doing, all my doing, or a combination of both?  In his book, Bridges shows that personal holiness is both something God does in us and something we must pursue through habits and discipline.  If you are noticing a laxity in your personal sanctification or feel like you have stalled spiritually, this book is an excellent means to jumpstart your growth in holiness.  Take some time this summer to read this Christian classic!

Review submitted by Pastor Todd Dykstra