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The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life

10 greatest strugglesThe 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life. By Colin S. Smith

Most people understand the 10 commandments are incredibly difficult to keep. Do you struggle with contentment? Do you find it hard to manage your time? Do you struggle with peace? Purity? Integrity? Generosity? Do you struggle with worship? The impulses of greed, lust, anger, and pride are so controlling that we quickly realize we need help! In The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life, Colin S. Smith points to the attributes of God as a motivator to pursue a life which reflects God’s perfect character. When God gave these four commandments central to loving God and six commandments surrounding our love toward people, His desire was to point out these struggles to lead you back to Him and to show you how to thrive in relationships with the people in your life. The ten greatest struggles in your life should not leave you without hope- let this book be a guide to find victory over these struggles and to truly love God and others with a sincere heart! “Discovering His wisdom, sufficiency, and love through Jesus Christ can bring new hope for your life and for your family.”

Review submitted by Pastor Kurt Bekins