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The Law of Rewards

law of rewardsThe Law of Rewards. By Randy Alcorn

Being good stewards of our money and possessions is a crucial component of the Christian life.  But rarely do we consider how eternal rewards provide a motivation in relationship to stewardship and giving.  In his book, The Law of Rewards, Randy Alcorn establishes the biblical connection between how we use our money and the promises God makes to reward us in heaven for that stewardship.  As God’s money managers, He wants us to invest His money in His kingdom but often we forget about the benefit that will come to us in eternity when we faithfully invest God’s resources.  Too often we think of heavenly rewards as unconnected to our earthly actions.  But Alcorn shows how we can honor God with our money, what actions and attitudes God rewards, what eternal rewards are, and why it’s okay – and in fact, important – to be motivated by them.  Have you lost sight of the fact that it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)?  If so, you will find great encouragement in this little book to store up treasures in heaven.

Review submitted by Pastor Todd Dykstra