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The Epic of Eden

The-Epic-of-EdenThe Epic of Eden. By Sandra L. Richter

Have you ever found the Old Testament confusing? Or leaned more toward reading the New Testament because you thought it was more relevant to you as a Christian? Have you ever wished you could understand the Old Testament better, but didn’t know where to begin?

The Epic of Eden is written just for that purpose: to help any Christian clear away the fog around the Old Testament. Richter becomes our guide and tutor along the way, breaking down complex terms into plain language, and giving us a clear structure for organizing the numerous events.

She wants the layman Christian to be able to see into the Old Testament, with all of its strange language and extraordinary stories, and find that we can not just understand it, but we can revel in it as a part of our story! She wants us to be carried through on a thread of redemption that reaches all the way back from the Garden of Eden right up to us today, and then beyond us until it reaches the New Jerusalem. Her ultimate goal for the book is that you would be able to see “your own rebellion in Adam’s choice, recognize your own frailty in Abraham’s doubting and hear the hope of your salvation in Moses’ cry: ‘Let my people go!’”

When I finished The Epic of Eden, I literally finished the book on my knees, overwhelmed that the God who descended on Mount Sinai in smoke and flame is the same God who indwells us as believers today!! My hope is that you will pick up The Epic of Eden, overcome your fears and confusion about the Old Testament, learn, and in the end be overwhelmed by this story that is also your story and this God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!

Review submitted by Chirstine Bekins