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When People are Big and God is SmallBy Ed Welch

Do you or someone you know struggle with caring more about what people think of you than what God does? Do you battle being self-consciousness and controlled by the opinions of others? There is hope for you! The Bible addresses this as the “fear of man” and Ed Welch has written a wonderful, practical book on how to replace your “fear of man” with the “fear of the Lord.” In his pastoral and gracious tone, Welch describes by unpacking the many Scripture passages that deal with this issue how we fear others and what causes us to do this. Then, to help put off this sin and put on the corresponding virtue of fearing the Lord, he offers practical and biblical guidance for truly delighting in the Lord. You will see how possessing a right and high view of God directly impacts this issue and how being filled with Christ and smitten with His glory is the only solution. I read this book a number of years ago, was greatly blessed, and came away with a bigger view of God and His grace. I highly encourage you to do the same!