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Adopted for LifeBy Russell Moore

The church must be leading the way in adopting children! God tells us that pure and undefiled religion is to visit orphans in their distress (James 1:27). For this reason, the church must not relegate adopting children to state agencies or hope that “others” will do it, but must practice this very tangible expression of the Gospel. At MBC, we want to encourage the adoption of children whether domestically or internationally for the purpose of demonstrating what God has done in adopting us and teaching these children about Christ. Russell Moore’s book Adopted for Life is a great place to start when considering the theological and practical implications of adoption. With biblical accuracy, Moore shows why adoption is close to the heart of God and how it illustrates what He has done in adopting believers through Christ’s glorious work on Calvary. And from personal experience, he helps wade through the many practical issues associated with adoption. If you are considering adoption, or are not but should be, or want to help others adopt, Adopted for Life is a must read. Read with caution, however, as you might just find yourself embarking upon a great Gospel adventure!