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Already Gone [DVD]By Ken Ham

A frightening trend has reached the church in America – nearly 2/3 of those 20-somethings who were raised in the church are already gone. The same spiritual epidemic which decimated the church in Europe has now reached America and is spreading rapidly. Many young people have little or no interest in spiritual things and, consequently, have abandoned the church. Such trends are not just occurring on the nominal fringe of Christianity anymore…they are becoming increasingly characteristic of those at the core of the faith. These alarming trends can be tied directly to the abandonment of the Scriptures and the fact that the Bible has become disconnected from real life. Our increasingly secular society has muted the spiritual sensitivities of families and young people to the authoritative and all-sufficient Word of God. As a result, the church must win back its families! In this eye-opening DVD, Ken Ham describes this disturbing drift and charts a course back to the authority of the Word of God. If you still have children under your shepherding care, this DVD is a must-see!