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The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series

Every student of the Bible needs a good commentary series to help them understand the flow of the text, tackle problem passages, and gain practical insights for life application. While some commentary series are overly technical and others emphasize application over interpretation, the MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series offers a good balance between the two. Intellectually stimulating and personally relevant, this insightful series is ideal for pastors, teachers, and laypeople alike with practical illustrations and clear verse-by-verse exposition. I have used these commentaries for many years in my sermon preparation and have found them to be greatly useful for both understanding and applying the text. For this reason, I want to commend them to you for your personal study. An entire MacArthur Commentary Series was recently donated to our church library and they are now available for your use. Please take advantage of this incredible resource and dig down deep in your study of God’s Word!