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Understanding End Times ProphecyBy Paul Benware

If you have been attending our Doctrine of End Times class recently, you know that we have referenced Paul Benware’s book Understanding End Times Prophecy a number of times. This is an excellent resource if you want a comprehensive but readable and understandable book on the end times. Benware carefully explains how a proper method of interpretation, a proper understanding of the covenants, and a distinction between Israel and the church all contribute to a clear understanding of end times events. He also provides a thorough overview of the different rapture views and positions on the millennium. As well as being biblically and theologically accurate, this book also offers some excellent charts to depict the timing of the various events associated with the end times. If you are looking for a resource to bring clarity to a difficult issue and to encourage your heart in the midst of the hardships of life on a broken planet, this is it.