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The God Who is There

the god who is there carsonThe God Who is There. By D. A. Carson

Have you ever wondered what the overall purpose of the Bible is?  Have you struggled to make sense of how the books fit together and contribute to that overall purpose?  Do you really know what the Bible is about?  Do you understand the story of God and how you fit into that?  If any of those questions relate to you, then I commend to you D. A. Carson’s book The God Who is There as a resource to help bring clarity to those issues.

In this book, Carson runs through the Bible in 14 chapters aiming to give the reader an overall sense of the Bible’s message by building connections with the context and drawing the lines together to show how they converge in Jesus.  Written for those who have little prior acquaintance with the Bible, it is an excellent resource for those who want to know what the Bible says as well as for those who desire a jet-tour through the transforming truth contained in the Scriptures.  If you want to be acquainted with the big story of the Bible to help you know what you believe and why you believe it, this is the book!

Review submitted by Pastor Todd Dykstra