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Preparing to Cross the Finish Line

The following address was delivered to a local church men’s group in October 2015.  The speaker, Ken, was diagnosed with a brain tumor six months earlier in April 2015. In May, Ken traveled to the University of Michigan Hospital for a six hour surgical resection of a golf ball-size tumor from his left temporal lobe.

In an effort to preserve Ken’s speech and language, he was kept awake for much of the procedure. After an excellent resection without complications, the surgery was followed by standard-of-care treatments.

This address contains the speaker’s own choice of topic and content.

With that disclaimer, Ken gratefully dedicates his message to his surgeon, Dr. Shawn Hervey-Jumper, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery.

Thanks to Dr. Hervey-Jumper’s Operating Room team:

  • Laurel Moore, MD – Associate Professor of Neuroanesthesia
  • Sam Schechtman, MD – Anesthesia Resident
  • Karen Kluin, MS, CCC – Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology
  • Jason Heth, MD, FACS – Associate Professor of Neurosurgery

Thank you for helping me and my family enjoy more time together.

Thank you to the wonderful friends, neighbors and church family who have prayed and helped us through a challenging time.

Most of all, thanks to God for His love and peace that surpasses all understanding through Jesus Christ.